Social art project

I find it impossible to define what the strings are that move the lives of people; if destiny is written or if we’re building it ourselves through actions and decisions. If the faiths and beliefs of each individual are what pushes us to follow one path or another. Or if it is a question of luck. If it is being in the right place at the right time. Si… Everyone has their own experiences and everyone of us, in key moments in our lives, need to be given one or several opportunities.

Through art we express and with this project I only desire that people are able to enter the picture and get to live in a solvent and independent way by their artistic talent. (no tiene sentido en ingress esta frase, pero no lo entiendo en español).In Collaboration with an NGO in Brazil, 20 cameras will be given to to adolescents 15 – 20 years old. Each month there will be selection of the best photo and the artist will receive a prize of 100 euros. In January a contest will be organized with the top 12 photos chosen during the year and the winner will receive a prize of 200 euros. The photos will be placed permanently in the art gallery.
I hope you enjoy!

Nani Navarro

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