I defend my pits

In 1966 Lucio Fontana defended his work (Defending my shots, “La Nazione” 1966) from the social misunderstanding of the then new mainstream artistic expressions. Forty-four years later, the discussion remains, with some nuances, very similar.

Defending my work contains essential items to discuss about contemporary art. In particular, I will focus on those aspects of my work that, due to their characteristics, can affect me the most.

Aware that my work is part of a widespread family of abstract art, I understand that it requires an explanation or defense.

As people, we are products of our parents or those who have raised us; of family influences; of our friends; of our partners; of our education; of our experiences and frustrations; and of our successes as well as our social and natural environment.
The artist, in his or her need to express to the world, releases all her internal content and leaves it in her work while hoping to be accepted and understood.

Rarely have I had to defend my “shots” to public misunderstanding. Fortunately, most of my painting fits the aesthetic taste of our society.

In the duality between form and philosophical basis that abstract art needs in order to be complete, I search for the tone of a tragic-comedy in my art and in this way the beauty and pure expression of color throughout the whole piece.

Under this premise, I continue squeezing my creative juices until exhausted.
Nani Navarro

Warsaw, September 21, 2010

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