Your pocket money art collection.

Is beauty an end in itself? Is a beautiful picture that serves only to fill our aesthetic expectations enough? Untitled works; expressions of color, composition, contrast and balance fill my senses but leave my spirit empty. You don’t just pair up with someone due to their attractive physique. So what I expect from art? No thorns, only flowers: Reflections on the beauty and sustainability.

I’m walking above Perito Moreno feeling the weight of my legs on the ice.  At one point I am distracted, lifting my eyes to observe the immense expanse of frozen fresh water without horizon.
The Sun, which heats and melts, penetrates the water transforming its transparency into a spectacle of tones of blue. Beauty which excites and transcends me, as the guide complains that I am delaying the group.
…… What’s the hurry…?

Marc is defeated.
After various months of a hectic social life, Marc could not see the end of that period of guilt-ridden physical and emotional experiences. “How life changes! From being married and committed to being a sensitive roque…

“What a disaster, the little-seat market. I will be alone all my life”… Marc continues looking for what makes him feel alive and thrilled, although the environment is not the most favourable.. In the middle of this search for happiness, he discovers that life is a constant learning and that, sometimes, finding ourselves in unexpected situations, makes us react in ways unthinkable before…

“Marc has gone mad for the best friend of his wife…” We commit ourselves thinking that it will be forever and an unexpected situation makes us rethink life again. Above all, Marc will struggle to be faithful to his feelings. Will he succeed?

I’m in Cuba and I feel like I’ve traveled back in time. I’ve traveled to a time very far away where everything is yet to be done. There is nothing. Fortunately, I couldn’t couldn’t enjoy things even if they had them. A single car in kilometers and kilometers of highway; a half-built society. I speaking with people and I’m surprised at their high level of culture; totally unbalanced in respect to their economic status, and consequently, their development potential. All of this makes me wonder about systems; about which is the best or which is the most adequate for the human condition. A summer. A journey.

I was thinking about the aesthetics of art; beauty content, beauty without content. Beauty. Content. I concluded that there must be beauty if there is art. In other words, there is no art without beauty. In my search for that which is beautiful, I wanted to begin with what adorns even the most ordinary: flowers.

In each life there are interacting parts which compensate and deprive one another.  Stated in a practical manner, it’s possible to establish broad guidelines such as health, love, work, and environment; individualities that for form part of the whole.  And it’s a whole that eventually compensates with the result of disorder in equilibrium.

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