I began painting at the tender age of 20.  Motivated by innate feelings of creativity, which intensified in my post adolescent years, I see my awakening to color taking place in my first school memories when, through conscious choice, I carefully mixed green with red and white without knowing that in reality I had created the Italian flag.

Despite my penchant for combinations of color throughout my childhood and adolescence, my talent was not significant enough to be noticed by my family or teachers.

In contrast, I was noticed through music and, motivated by the certain aristocratic tastes of my mother, I began to study piano at an early age demonstrating great talent in the discipline.

My weekly schedule included two hours of piano and music theory study under a teacher who operated on the precise punctuality of a gregorian calendar: the year was 1984, my 7th year, and his 84th year.

I have always had unpleasant feelings with regard to the sound of the piano.  The opposite is true with the violin, an interment that I have studied and played with devotion for the past 5 years.


I did my first painting exhibition in 1997, in a neighborhood bar owned by a man from Pakistan.  And I assure you it was a bar, not a kebab shop.

Through my own entrepreneurial character, I opened my first art show 3 months after buying my first canvas and oil paints.

In the few works that I still own, certain anonymous finger prints can be seen that were marked when the paint was still fresh in the firsts days after the exposition.

For fans and followers of my work and personality who, perhaps out of romantic spirit, wish to relive my first artistic moments, it’s important to let you know that the Pakistani bar no longer exists.

Out of humility I should admit that the bar closed a few months after my exhibit’s inauguration.  Also, I should say that my art was no longer on display.

Perhaps unfairly, I’ve always felt partly responsible for the failure of that business.  Yet of course, if the past had played out differently then today the tea house, a very popular drink in Barcelona, would not exist.

I continued painting with intensity over the following 4 years and achieved much recognized success of which the most important was winning the Prize for Young Painters of Contemporary Art in Rome.

In addition, my art was displayed in renowned centers thoughout the city and figured in various publications.


Everthing appeared to move slowly but surely until the age of 23 when I won a scholarship to St. Petersburg, Russia, to complete my university studies.  After Russia I studied in Poland and finally graduated in Slavic Philology form the University of Barcelona.

In order to accumulate experiences that would aid me in my search for continued inspiration, I suspended all painting activity to focus on gaining intellectual, experiential, theoretical knowledge.

My background in Fine Arts is purely self taught and it’s the merging of my knowledge of human nature into my painting that has given great meaning to my work.  I do not control my drawing technique and, in someways, I have little interest in mastering it.  With a stroke that comes naturally twisted and imperfect, I accept with dignity my shortcomings in regard to a drawing that requires precision and accuracy.  In accordance with my own impatient and impulsive character, my painting is vivid, witty, and spontaneous.


I paint because I love to paint.  When a new idea comes to me, I experience feelings of impatience, emotion, and sometimes happiness.  My mind is constantly creating and I need to express it.


I’m writing these words in Warsaw on a wet and rainy afternoon in the month of September while waiting to return to Barcelona.

And I’m thinking about the day when this text will appear on Wikipedia.

Nani Navarro

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