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At birth

Giving birth is a moment as complex as it is special; as repeatable as it is unrepeatable.

We find ourselves ahead in life and it wakens in us feelings of responsibility, protection, and love. The world, with its flaws and virtues, is a better place; and if not, then desires enter to make it so. Significance arises that binds you to life and gives it meaning. With its many variations, being fertile makes us better.

I think about the newly arrived: What friends will she or he have? What will his or her personality be like? Where will she or he travel? Where will she or he buy their first flat or will they always live with their parents? Who will she or he fall in love with? What will their way through the world be like? How much will he or she understand when they are a mother or father?

Look as it may, it is always better that it is and not that it is not.

Today my website was born and with it a new blog to fill cyberspace with.
Throughout this time, a great illusion has been taking shape through the past 6 months of ideas and work.

My sincere thanks to all those who, in a direct or indirect way, made this project a reality.

We’ll see each other here every Monday!